At Last, a Travel-Friendly Dry Shampoo

18 Oct At Last, a Travel-Friendly Dry Shampoo


Jet set, rejoice. AVEDA has created a new Shampure™ Dry Shampoo that you can toss into your travel bag without worrying about the TSA confiscating your precious beauty supplies. The trick is AVEDA’s non-aerosol powder mist. Most of our favorite dry shampoos, like Davines Dry Refresher, are considered air travel contraband. This rule simply does not fly for those on the go. We understand the value of fresh hair in fighting jet lag and holiday stress. Shampure™ Dry Shampoo is a good way to instantly revive your hair and senses between your regular washes. Squeeze the bottle around your roots for a puff of Shampure’s™calming aroma. The 25 pure flower and plant essences are 99.8% naturally derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Because we love protecting this planet we so love to roam, refills are available after you purchase your first pump.

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