Hair Stylists

Have you been a hairdresser for a year or two; or even a decade and wondering, “Why isn’t this working for me?” It might not be you. It could be where you have been working or better yet, who you aren’t working for, YET. Do you have the talent, and are still stuck with an empty appointment book? Fusion 3 Salon could be the place for you.


New Talent Hair Stylists

Are you hungry to work? Have you been waiting for the perfect chance? Do you already have a ton of confidence, and the humility to crave more knowledge? Do you want a place to call home, a high-end clientele, great pay and the ability to grow quickly? If you answered yes to these questions, we could be the right place for you to get started on the right foot…



Hair Salon Coordinators


Do you smile…a lot? You have to be able to smile, and mean it when you do. Fusion 3 Salon Coordinators are highly energetic and personable people. Salon Coordinators are typically the first point of contact with guests, and we must make a great first impression! If you’re a people person, like a wide variety in your work, Salon Coordinator could be the right position for you.


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