F3 Beauty Transformation

06 Oct F3 Beauty Transformation

Before Madison's magic touch.

Before: A mousy brunette in Madison’s Chair.

“We all have the potential to enhance what we are. We can renew our spirits, energize our organs, refine our body shapes, and heal ourselves and the world around us on a daily basis. However, to do so we must recognize that this is a process that requires skill and tools. It takes the discipline of a daily practice of self-awakening, self-realization, and nurturing of the self and all the things upon which the self depends. It demands our holistic, equal embrace of our minds, our bodies, and our spirits; our insides and our outsides. This is the challenge of creating a truly healthy life.”

– Horst Rechelbacher, Founder of AVEDA.

The effects of AVEDA color demi refresher, including brows. Color by Madison Hailey.

After:  AVEDA color demi refresher, including brows. Color by Madison Hailey.

I have been a member of the Fusion3 Salon team for two beautiful months, and I have already experienced the most healthful transformation any workplace has ever provided – and I’m not just talking about health care and makeovers. I am talking about the holistic approach instilled within the business model, then carried through to your experience beginning the moment you walk through our doors.

We are happy to see you as soon as you arrive. Our team provides the skills and tools you need to renew your spirits, energize your organs, refine the shape of your hair, and heal. Our Katie Corbett is an effective dehydration monitor, and can be seen in the salon pressing glasses of water into everyone’s hands while she explains numerous bon mots of healthful living. I learn much overhearing conversations. I will share with you that which I am legally allowed. Namely, the wealth of knowledge flowing through Fusion3 Salons as it pertains to your healthful, mindful, beautiful existence.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. If you have questions you would like answered by our team of experts, please write to sarah.r@fusion3salon.com. Our brains are at your behest.

Stay on top of 2016. Now is the time to plan for winter. Call today or book online your Holiday and New Year appointments. We recommend getting on our books through March so we can best accommodate your schedule. 


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