13 Nov How To Get Rid Of Black Heads

Black heads on the nose are one of the most unsightly and things women are insecure about on their faces. While black heads tend to concentrate around the nose, they can be other places on the body, and tend to be more prevalent in people with more oily skin. This simple and cheap mask can remove your black heads in 5 minutes!


Here is your recipe for success:


2 parts Gel Cleanser (We like Aveda’s Purifying Cleanser)


1 part fine table salt


1 part baking soda


Wet your face, mix together, and apply to affected areas with blackheads, but do not apply to whole face. Leave to set for 5 minutes, then rinse gently.


This cheap mask was just tried out by our blogger, Sharde’, and worked fabulously! Why waste your money on strips that supposedly pull out blemishes when you can do it at home for pennies?!

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