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Kardashian Collage by @VixenHair

09 Feb The @VixenHair Theory of Color

Stylists spend a great deal of time explaining to guests the many and varied stages of hair color. Instagram stylist Danielle Filice @vixenhair uses Khloe Kardashian as the prime example of undergoing a significant transition in hair color over the past two years. Understanding color theory...

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27 Jan A Natural History of Red Hair

"Any red head wanting to know what colors are going to work for them need look no further than a portrait of Elizabeth I." Jacky Colliss Harvey charts the fascinating history of red-headedness from ancient times until the present day in her book Red: A Natural...

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26 Dec New Year, New You

We love a good transformation. The past couple of weeks have been a parade of guest makeovers, drastic haircuts, and gorgeous color renewal. Many people in our community are ready for a change. Your beauty team comes into the picture now that the New Year...

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02 Dec Fight the Cold with Moisture

You can bring the restorative Fusion 3 Salon experience home with you. Brew up a hot cup of AVEDA's certified organic peppermint licorice tea and let your hair hybernate with these rich moisture masks guaranteed to keep your hair soft in the most bitter cold....

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