13 Nov Asymmetric Hairstyles… Will They Work For You

Asymmetric hairstyles are exactly what they sound like, where one side is different from the other. They can be asymmetrical from one side to the other, or from front to back.


One asymmetrical hairstyle is the bob. The asymmetrical bob hairstyles are some of the most modern and stylish haircuts for those who have short to medium length hair.


Asymmetrical hairstyles will add edginess to your style. Look at Victoria Beckham, well known as a Spice Girl and for being married to David Beckham, heartthrob throughout the world.


Victoria changes her hairstyle on a very regular basis, but she favors bob hairstyles, and we’re not talking traditional bobs, totally even all around. Victoria brings to the common bob a true adventurous style, by turning it into an inverted bob.


An inverted or concave bob is cut short at the back of the neck and becomes longer toward the face, creating an asymmetrical shape. This cut is also known as a stacked or wedge bob, a style that is perfect for people with very straight, fine hair. It is usually layered to create volume and provides an illusion of fullness often difficult for people with this type of hair.


A good cut is essential for this style to work, but is surprisingly easy to maintain once you know how. Have your stylist teach you how best to blow out this style and what products you need to keep its shape throughout the day.

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